Affiliate Partners

Jeeping Nation has assembled a group of over 350 Lifestyle, Outdoor, Personal and Jeep-related partner brands which enable our members to shop easily and efficiently for products they use every day while generating income for their Jeep club or charitable organization. Those affiliate partner brands are found on our Marketplace page.

Every purchase made through the Jeeping Nation Marketplace is tracked by your club-member identifier allowing Jeeping Nation to credit a portion of each commission earned back to your club or charity you attached to your profile when joining Jeeping Nation. Simply select your preferred organization when you register for your initial Jeeping Nation membership and start earning valuable funds for your Club, charity, or association. It’s that easy.

Jeeping Nation will continue to search for, and add, brands and products we feel that the 13 million passionate and loyal Jeep owners in the U.S. would purchase and use every day to accomplish their daily adventures! These additional brands will further enhance our portfolio of affiliate brands for our members. Our partner brands working for you!

If your brand or company has an affiliate partner program, please contact us at


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