Jeep Jamboree USA – Rubicon Trail Expedition

Jeep Jamboree USA is introducing a new private guide service for Jeep owners who want to hone their off-roading skills and experience on the Rubicon Trail with the guides who know it best. The Rubicon Trail Expeditions will be limited-space excursions which offer the opportunity to traverse the Rubicon Trail with our most experienced and knowledgeable trail guides who have spent years becoming authorities on this legendary terrain.

In order to create a truly personal experience, these trips will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) vehicles, which will enable attendees to receive personalized guidance and instruction in a smaller setting. With this more intimate trip, participants will be able to spend time learning how to use their Jeep to traverse the ever-changing landscape of one of the world’s most famous trails, while having individualized attention from our expert guides at the helm.

Due to the number of Jeeps and people we are limiting these trips to, you will come away with not only the unique experience of navigating the Rubicon Trail in its entirety, but also leave with valuable knowledge of your vehicle’s abilities and features to continue exploring other off-roading adventures.

Participants will be required to use their own Jeep 4×4 (Wranglers and Gladiators ONLY), and be self-sufficient in terms of food, water, camping gear, extra parts, etc. Once you have registered for The Rubicon Trail Expedition, we will send you a recommended packing/gear list for guidance, however you will be responsible for all elements and costs associated.

Please Note: This is not a trip for beginners. All applicants will be screened to ensure their vehicle meets pre-determined requirements.

Rubicon Trail Special Requirements
All Jeep vehicles shall adhere to the following requirements for the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree.

A minimum of 37” tires. (not to exceed 40”)
Front and rear lockers
Properly secured tow points
GMRS radios are required
Skid plates covering the gas tank, transfer case and rocker panels
Any Jeep Wrangler JK Model with a stock factory rear axle is required to install an upgraded rear cover and/or a rear glide plate. The following links show examples of the required equipment.
Rancho RockGEAR™ Rear Differential Glide Plate
Rancho RockGEAR™ Dana 44 Differential Cover
Rubicon Trail Model Restrictions
Jeep vehicle models 1996 and older are not permitted to register for the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree. Participants must have a Jeep Wrangler model year 1997 to present or a Jeep Gladiator model year 2020 to present in order to participate in the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree.

The event is finished.


Jun 25 - 27 2023


12:00 am - 12:00 pm

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